Luci Theme Material (Old Style)


This package brings colorful buttons back to OpenWrt 18.06.0-rc2 and later.


Before (on OpenWrt 18.06.0-rc2): Before

After install (on OpenWrt 18.06.0-rc2): After

How to install

Install luci-theme-material-old from Web UI or connect to your router via ssh and run the following commands:

opkg update
opkg install luci-theme-material-old

If these packages are not found in the official feed/repo for your version of OpenWrt, you will need to add a custom repo to your router following instructions on GitHub/jsDelivr first.

These packages have been designed to be backwards compatible with OpenWrt 19.07, OpenWrt 18.06, OpenWrt Project 17.01 and OpenWrt 15.05. However, on systems older than OpenWrt 18.06.6 and/or a system which has deviated too far (or haven’t been updated to keep in-sync) with official OpenWrt release you may get a message about missing luci-compat dependency, which (and only which) you can safely ignore and force-install the luci app using opkg install --force-depends command instead of opkg install.

How to use

Open the WebUI System->System page (usually at, select Language and Style tab and select Material_Old from Design drop-down.