Netclient: the client for Netmaker networks


Netclient is the client for Netmaker networks. To learn more about Netmaker, see Netmaker README.

How to install

Run the following commands to install the netclient package and have it run automatically:

opkg update; opkg install netclient;

Installation notes

Please ignore any documentation up and including version 0.22.0 on the netclient website with regards to installation and/or the init script creation on OpenWrt. The OpenWrt version of the package comes with its own init script for starting/stopping and enabling/disabling the start of netclient on boot and you do not need to perform any additional steps on OpenWrt after installing the netclient package. The binary’s install command (as in netclient install) is disabled on OpenWrt.

Documentation / Discussion

Please head to OpenWrt Forum for discussions of these packages.