Slider Support for select routers


This service enables switching between Router, Access Point and Wireless Repeater modes of operation for supported routers equipped with the slider switch. It also sets the correct current mode setting for the WLAN Blinker service available on GitHub/jsDelivr.

Supported Routers

  • GL-Inet AR150.
  • GL-Inet AR300M (also AR300MD, AR300M16 and the -Ext, but not -Lite models).
  • GL-Inet AR750.
  • GL-Inet MT300N (also MT300Nv2).


  • If the slider is in the left position (closest to reset button), Router mode is enabled.
  • If the slider is in the right position and the WAN port is in use, Access Point mode is enabled.
  • If the slider is in the right position and the WAN port is not in use, Wireless Repeater mode is enabled.
  • Mode switches on toggling the slider.
  • Mode switches on boot, with configurable delay (10 seconds by default).

How to install

Please make sure that the requirements are satisfied and install the appropriate package from Web UI or connect to your router via ssh and run the following commands:

  • GL-Inet AR150: opkg update; opkg install slider-support-ar150;.
  • GL-Inet AR300M: opkg update; opkg install slider-support-ar300m;.
  • GL-Inet AR750: opkg update; opkg install slider-support-ar750;.
  • GL-Inet MT300N: opkg update; opkg install slider-support-mt300n;.

If these packages are not found in the official feed/repo for your version of OpenWrt, you will need to add a custom repo to your router following instructions on GitHub/jsDelivr first.

These packages have been designed to be backwards compatible with OpenWrt 19.07, OpenWrt 18.06, OpenWrt Project 17.01 and OpenWrt 15.05. However, on systems older than OpenWrt 18.06.6 and/or a system which has deviated too far (or haven’t been updated to keep in-sync) with official OpenWrt release you may get a message about missing luci-compat dependency, which (and only which) you can safely ignore and force-install the luci app using opkg install --force-depends command instead of opkg install.


While not required, the travelmate package available on GitHub/jsDelivr is highly recommended. You will also need to create the WWAN interface (trm_wwan is the recommended name as it is the default WWAN interface name used by travelmate and this service). This service also requires the following package to be installed on your router: relayd. It should be automatically installed as a dependency during the service install.


Support for AR150 has been implemented based on code provided by @mantheman.